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Committed to Excellence

Your Community Cricket Club.
Eden Roskill District Cricket Club
We are a 120 year old club and pride in being one of principal club in Auckland. We are Central Auckland and are proud of our heritage, our facilities, our players and our community.

General Information
We are a community club based in Mount Roskill. A club is the coming together of people with different values, beliefs, each wanting something different. Our club philosophy sits at the core of what brings us all together and ensures that we treat each other and the game of cricket with respect and integrity.

Our Vision
To be one of the top four performing cricket clubs in Auckland both on and off the field.
Our Mission
To provide an environment for participation, learning and success that is underpinned by our values and strong leadership.
To foster youth, sportsmanship, excellence and professionalism on the field and in the community.
For the committee, coaches, captains, players and spectators to uphold the club values ensuring we live them with respect, passion and pride for what they represent.

Our Values
* We train like we play.
* We respect each other.
* We remain positive.
* We play for our teammates.
* We know our roles.
* We have passion for our club.
* We demonstrate professionalism.
* We challenge ourselves.
* We are proud of ourselves.
* We are one team.
* We are committed.


Cricket Bat and Ball
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